Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Party People!

idk why, but this song reminds me of rain, midnight beach parties on
foreign islands, club strobe lights && storms. i know, im weird.

'fragment of my psycho-analysis'

a part of a poem i started writing..
...had a few girlz, some laidback && others prissy
my manz put me on wit some fly chicks
girls yappin @ em like "he aint fulla attitudes, is he?"
but if he'd told the truth they never woulda went wit me

-J. New./x

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Imagine it speakin to you,askin where ya heart at.."

Imagine That

Imagine that,imagine that the barrel of a gat
is starin you in the eye,like watchu lookin at
Imagine it speakin to you,askin where ya heart at
cocked back,laughed at you,and pushed ya face flat
wake up to empty bottles,vodka you shoulda chased dat
grab ya glock & chain,articles of hood combat
drink gotchu mixin reality wit your dreams
hardly got the means to stand,errything aint wat it seems
seen scenes of implantin hollow tips in hollow heads
leavin notes on bodies,messages to the feds
you shake it off & walk outside to clear ya drunk head
blink your eyes twice,you figure you must be still dreamin
brains & residue stains cover the pavent,ya homie is dead

wit a post-it note stuck to the top of his forehead

nearby is the shell of a hollow tip
dreams turn to memories as you remember quick
of an argument,of pullin out a gat & aimin at his eye
he askin you why,you laughed as he started to cry
he knew he bout to die,you cock back and push his wig back
its all over,you heard the gun clap,his head splat
and wit dat,you wake up realizin that you just imagined that

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"..i dont dream, because dreams reflect life.."


i am lonely
three girls in my bed
sleeping alone
with company
they insult your beauty
as i have insulted you.

now nightmares torment me
as i attempt to recapture..
women are the only distractions
from my dreams
my days a mere reflection of night
i have snuffed the light
of my life, which is you.

as a man, i dont cry
for you, i am less than one
many a night ive slept in silent
fears of many years without you
flash by
reminiscing on my mistake..
one too many.

now that you're gone
i dont dream
because dreams reflect life
absence of you is without
so i lay in my bed lonely
sleeping alone
with company

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tryna live economically healthy...

, thas wealthy;

{random lines i be commin up wit off the headd}
..How he a bachelor to a degree, hail from MD/
but gettin as much brain as a phD/
pimpinn: if her kin not as hot as my ex then/
ima hook up wit her bestfriend/..
more substantial[&& complete] work commin soon..
just randomness;

Friday, February 20, 2009

.I cant stop havin these visions....

.Kanye's "Welcome to Heartbreak" song, the first on the album. rocks. He recently released the video for it, && this video goes so hard to me. its creative, vibrant, and adds to the backdrop of the song as well as the album. Kinda shows Kanye losing his mind, as i believe he did for a little while lol. Anyway, great song + creativity = great video
-PS:New Fav.


-lil 808's && Heartbreak-me.

class is in session, but who runs the new school?

ive been trying to decide for a while now who my favorite [new school] rapper is. Errybody keep tellin me like "you cant listen to Nas forever man.." im like "why not?" lol
but i still think i need to come up with a favorite rapper pretty fresh into the game. Names that come to mind for me are Cudi, Drake, && Wale. I kno there are many more new artists out there with one foot in the doorway of the rap game, but these three stand out the most to me.
i have all 3 of their most recent mixtapes["A Kid Named Cudi," "So Far Gone," and "The Mixtape About Nothing"] && id have to say that all three come hard with some pretty good lyricism. {Big ups to Wale for comming out of the DMV!}
I find them to be the leaders of the new artists comming out. Problem is, my goal is to come up with one to stick wit for the years to come. Ill deffinitly be bumpin Wale for the simple reason that we're from the same area, but as for my favorite of the three...
i pick.................
i have yet to decide. lls. ill get back to you tho.


" just a young fresh fly fool wit some gold"/.

Thank God i was fresh! lol
-shirt by: BabyGap
-model: Young Jay Dot New
-year: 1993

We are gathered here today to join this man && 2 women....

Keri Hilson
= Heaven!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"..i got my swim trunks, && my flippy floppies!"

Yo...lmao..omg..dat SNL joint "Im On A Boat"(Feat. T-Pain) is funny as hell....lmao
my manz put me on the video, && i was crakkin up the wholee timee. Deffinitly gotta get the album, based off just that song alone lol.

.the lonely stoner seems to free his mind......

Kid Cudi's "Day && Night" video premiered today on 106&park today!
watcha think?

.who doesnt love Chargers, Porshe's && DeLoreans?!

My dream cars....

The Power....

The Speed...

The Weird.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drake or Cudi?

That Drake joint "Uptown" off his new mixtape bang;


That Cudi joint "Is There Any Love?" off HIS new mixtape bang too..

overall both of their mixtapes is fire..but i gotta ask it:
whose is better?
"A Kid Named Cudi" or "So Far Gone"?
Drake or Cudi?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Diary[response to my secret admirer]

.Dear diary,
i am blessed by what my secret note said.
.so i decided to respond with a note, which read.
."xoxo, i love your lil letter.
.tha note left my mouth without words to say.
.with a smile to my eyes && my day a little better.
.i chose to acknowledge your request today.
.such a compliment i havent recieved in this way.
.in a long time, refreshing a display of such kindness.
.infatuated with rhyme since a kid at play.
.my reaction is of relief but not outta blindness.
.i realize how girls can be.
.im not a virgin to hurt, allowed a few many to cause my heart harm.
.so i guard it dearly, && maybe its a fault of me.
.but i believe you are sincere in your charm.
.i can vision yours attached to my arm, && maybe in time.
.attached to my soul, the missing puzzle piece completing the whole.
.but most go through the motions imitating a mime.
.with intentions in mind as dark as black coal.
.but i believe you to be one of good stature.
.&& as i check 'yes' with a grin in place.
.i thought that you should know that my heart you have captured.
.&& i would love to meet with you face to face.
.to my secret admirer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

She Left You for Me

im her medicine && her ointment,
i consoled her.
for me she needs no appointment,
cause u controlled her.
with clouded perceptions...
mis-directions shown by you.
you might as well have just said "we're through."
but i guided her to the light, and i helped her cope.
she said that im her dope cuz i make her feel high
blessed her days with sunshine, filled her nights with hope
i told her we can float to the heavens, beyond the sky
on clouds, explore the world from the heights above
took her to a good life, a new reality
gave her two things you couldnt, that's trust && good love
&& that's why your girl left you for me.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Fav. New-School && Old-School Rapper


my favorite rap legend wasnt hard to choose. Nas has always been my favorite rapper, && will continue to shine in the rap. I mean forreal, who is on Nas' level? The only rapper close is Jay-z, && who was the guy that cooked Jay with "Ether"? Thats right: Nas. If you know anything about Hip-Hop i hope you have at least heard "Ether," && at least have "Illmatic" in your collection.


The new-school rapper i feel is carrying the torch, although you may not have heard of him, is my man Reks. As far as lyrics go, Reks surpasses all these new cats in the game by far. Intense lyrics combined with a charismatic flow over nice beats[including DJ Premier, Statik Selektor, && Large Professor]?? dude is the truth forreal. Soulja Boy, Drake, nor Charles Hamilton are touchin dude. Cop his Sophmore Album "Grey Hairs," came out in 08'.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Air Yeezy's

Kanye's "Air Yeezy's," a Nike-produced shoe, is likely to be one of the highly anticipated shoe releases of this year. I know i plan on coppin' me a pair.

-dese joints is flyy.
Release Date: Sometime March '09
[Around my birthday!]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back when everything was simple...

What is it about teen relationships that are so complicated??
The teenage [love] life.
Its so effin' confusin..
Like, when your in a relationship: Other girls/guys come out the woodwork tryna talk to you, badd[meaning good.lls] girls/guys be tryna talk. not to mention at least one of ur ex's still like you. PLUS u got beautiful/handsome female/male friends u cant help being attracted to. But you have a gf/bf, you attract other females/males. they have bf's/gf's, they're not exactly suure they wanna talk to you, && its a huge ball of confusion.
You try to plan out how u want relationships to work: that never/rarely happens. u think u kno who u like, kno who u wanna be with. thats not [always] the case. incidents pop up outta nowhere, relationships you think last forever end off of fluke ishh. it goes on && on.
You know what i miss? childhood.

-back in my day

Everything was so..SIMPLE!
Back when we used to say "girls..WHAT!? eww..!!" [or boys, in a female's case. unless you were gay.]
Back in elementary school it was all gravy. you kno, i had a gf in 2nd grade. her name was Tori. && everything was soo simple then. cuz i was like "Hey, you wanna be my gf?"
Tori: "ok"
Me: "cool!"
End of story. i don't think we hardly everrr talked againn...
but she was my gf!!

Ahh..those good ole days..those simple, good ole days..

New Years, 2009

08 left in a hell of a way for me && my gang. We partied, we had fun, && took plenty pictures.
here's a few.

me schoolin dese cats in pool lol ---->

<----- Me [&& my brova Sean] killin em on the spades table

My brova's Daniel, Sean, && Me ---->

<---- My nigga Bryce, crazy as hell lol

The Fellas ---->

<---- The Ladies

My brova Daynin[be4 he got drunk out his mind] --->

All in All we had a good time, && we brought the year of 2009 in right! Love all you peoples