Thursday, March 5, 2009

"..i dont dream, because dreams reflect life.."


i am lonely
three girls in my bed
sleeping alone
with company
they insult your beauty
as i have insulted you.

now nightmares torment me
as i attempt to recapture..
women are the only distractions
from my dreams
my days a mere reflection of night
i have snuffed the light
of my life, which is you.

as a man, i dont cry
for you, i am less than one
many a night ive slept in silent
fears of many years without you
flash by
reminiscing on my mistake..
one too many.

now that you're gone
i dont dream
because dreams reflect life
absence of you is without
so i lay in my bed lonely
sleeping alone
with company


  1. at first i was reading this poem bit by bit and it didnt make sense...but i read it all together and i really like it

    sooo it means that you love this girl so much and you dream about her so much but you did something to mess up up whatever relations you had with her and you cant get her out of your mind...but the only way you can distract yourself is to sleep with other women and that will keep this women out of your mind.
    DID I GET IT???

    did you write it urself>?

    i love the lin
    "sleeping alone with company"

  2. u got it. =]

    && yeap, i wrote it myselff

  3. YAY!!!

    ur realli talented for a poem lik that!!!