Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Imagine it speakin to you,askin where ya heart at.."

Imagine That

Imagine that,imagine that the barrel of a gat
is starin you in the eye,like watchu lookin at
Imagine it speakin to you,askin where ya heart at
cocked back,laughed at you,and pushed ya face flat
wake up to empty bottles,vodka you shoulda chased dat
grab ya glock & chain,articles of hood combat
drink gotchu mixin reality wit your dreams
hardly got the means to stand,errything aint wat it seems
seen scenes of implantin hollow tips in hollow heads
leavin notes on bodies,messages to the feds
you shake it off & walk outside to clear ya drunk head
blink your eyes twice,you figure you must be still dreamin
brains & residue stains cover the pavent,ya homie is dead

wit a post-it note stuck to the top of his forehead

nearby is the shell of a hollow tip
dreams turn to memories as you remember quick
of an argument,of pullin out a gat & aimin at his eye
he askin you why,you laughed as he started to cry
he knew he bout to die,you cock back and push his wig back
its all over,you heard the gun clap,his head splat
and wit dat,you wake up realizin that you just imagined that

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"..i dont dream, because dreams reflect life.."


i am lonely
three girls in my bed
sleeping alone
with company
they insult your beauty
as i have insulted you.

now nightmares torment me
as i attempt to recapture..
women are the only distractions
from my dreams
my days a mere reflection of night
i have snuffed the light
of my life, which is you.

as a man, i dont cry
for you, i am less than one
many a night ive slept in silent
fears of many years without you
flash by
reminiscing on my mistake..
one too many.

now that you're gone
i dont dream
because dreams reflect life
absence of you is without
so i lay in my bed lonely
sleeping alone
with company

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tryna live economically healthy...

, thas wealthy;

{random lines i be commin up wit off the headd}
..How he a bachelor to a degree, hail from MD/
but gettin as much brain as a phD/
pimpinn: if her kin not as hot as my ex then/
ima hook up wit her bestfriend/..
more substantial[&& complete] work commin soon..
just randomness;