Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick [Random] Question


if a real niggah/niggette couples with a bitch niggette/niggah, what does that make their child?

a hybrid of real && bitchness?

is that the source of *gasp*

"pretty boys"?!?!?!?!?!?


Best CD Ever Made? Nasty Nas in ya Area....!

it is in my opinion, as well many others. Deffinitly my fav.

My Addictions

In no particular order people, just a few things im addicted to: first love

ehh, im pretty nice with a pen. ;)

music: cant go a day w/o it.

myspace addict? guilty.

as a track runner, im prolly *not* supposed to drink this..but this is one soda i cant give up

One word: SEE ME WIT THE EAGLES!! lls

As mentioned before: crack.

txting. all day everyday.

my current favorite book. its long as hell, but it kept my attention the whole way through.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lets Go Eagles!!!

...lets face it. its been a rough yr. D-Nabb's been up && down. Westbrook's been injuredd. Line's been beaten up. defense has been shakey at times. hey, we even had the league's only tie this year[coupled with the Bengals]. but what can i say, WE IN THE PLAY-OFFS BABY!!

PS: oh yea, Cowboys suck. =p

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Fav. Christmas Gift

..who could ask for better?

Sunday, December 21, 2008




ima fiend for golden oreos! fake on em...lls

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Art Storms

Now, i love storms, i love art, && i love landscapes. I also love.....ok nvm *staying on topic*
These are some landscapes of storms && what i would consider "Exotic Places"
I scoped out the ones i liked on '' created by various Artists. Enjoy.

- Dark Colonial Architecture - HDR by *atrium09 / © All rights reserved

- Storm Clouds by -Chad Johnson

- The Sun Sets on Ch√Ęteau de Chillon by Pear Biter / © Some rights reserved.

ahhhhhhh.....gotta love it..lls.

.Nice Combo?

Nike Blazer Mid SB -Made For Skate


Kanye's New Pastelle Jacket

What do you think?
{ the blues arent exactly the same to the tint, but not that far off =p }

Poetic, Revolutionary.

Poetic, Revolutionary

dead for some odd hours, only to be revived
the next day, replay events of his dreams
new ideas explored through closed eyes
it seems,
the best ones come through unconscious schemes
creative lines in the form of screams,
its a cycle
from the brain to the pen to the pad,
ima disciple
of the poetry, hip-hop & soul psychology
an avid learner of advanced terminology
is not needed for this excercise
brain cells arise to challenge & invoke the wise
to think on complex lines,
thats my mission
to stimulate the mind, creating artistic vision
my decision;
grab my notebook & my bus change
&& let my voice ring for Change!
its strange to me how a yung gun;
a young one my age
can create a common bond through-a page
impractical some say; the odds stacked high against he
but then again so was slavery
&& yet & here still i stand, as firm as an elder oak tree
a roach against the monumental powers that be
never to be deterred, a modern-day Socrates is me,
throwing pebbles @ corrupt democracy
some sure to consider me a mockery..
but i decline.
-you can call me a poetic, revolutionary

- J. New

Viva La Hova!

All i can say is Mick Boogie outdid himself on this joint. Excellent mixes of Coldplay && Jay-Z, everything fits together seemlessly, like that. ;)
-Check it out
- Viva La Hova
Jay-Z & Coldplay- Viva La Hova
- Jay-Z & Coldplay- Viva La Hova

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gang is to Bang, Time is to Rhyme, Orange is to.. ???

- Rappers feel it. Poets feel it. Hell, speech writers && wanna-be "eloquent speakers" feel it too. the hated 'Writer's Block'. This is a short list of words compiled[Thanks to my good friend Wikipedia], that you STAY AWAY FROM if you plan on completing your rhyme book, composition book, post-it notes or whatever anytime soon. (These words have NO rhymes. [If you find one, let ME know..])


{The following is a list of English words without rhymes, or refractory rhymes, i.e. a list of words in the English language which rhyme with no other English words in the strict sense that they are pronounced in the same way from the vowel sound of the main stressed syllable onwards. They may not be considered rhymes if they are identical in those syllables—for instance, bay and obey often do not count as rhymes. Multiple-word rhymes, self rhymes (adding a prefix to a word and counting it as a rhyme of itself), and compound words have not been considered.}

#1. bulb
#2. chaos
#3. circle
#4. month
#5. music
#6. orange
#7. purple
#8. silver
#9. siren
#10. toilet

- Im sure there are many other rhyme-less words out there, i just thought it funny that so many everyday, common words live their daily lives rhyme-less! how sad. lls.