Monday, January 19, 2009

She Left You for Me

im her medicine && her ointment,
i consoled her.
for me she needs no appointment,
cause u controlled her.
with clouded perceptions...
mis-directions shown by you.
you might as well have just said "we're through."
but i guided her to the light, and i helped her cope.
she said that im her dope cuz i make her feel high
blessed her days with sunshine, filled her nights with hope
i told her we can float to the heavens, beyond the sky
on clouds, explore the world from the heights above
took her to a good life, a new reality
gave her two things you couldnt, that's trust && good love
&& that's why your girl left you for me.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Fav. New-School && Old-School Rapper


my favorite rap legend wasnt hard to choose. Nas has always been my favorite rapper, && will continue to shine in the rap. I mean forreal, who is on Nas' level? The only rapper close is Jay-z, && who was the guy that cooked Jay with "Ether"? Thats right: Nas. If you know anything about Hip-Hop i hope you have at least heard "Ether," && at least have "Illmatic" in your collection.


The new-school rapper i feel is carrying the torch, although you may not have heard of him, is my man Reks. As far as lyrics go, Reks surpasses all these new cats in the game by far. Intense lyrics combined with a charismatic flow over nice beats[including DJ Premier, Statik Selektor, && Large Professor]?? dude is the truth forreal. Soulja Boy, Drake, nor Charles Hamilton are touchin dude. Cop his Sophmore Album "Grey Hairs," came out in 08'.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Air Yeezy's

Kanye's "Air Yeezy's," a Nike-produced shoe, is likely to be one of the highly anticipated shoe releases of this year. I know i plan on coppin' me a pair.

-dese joints is flyy.
Release Date: Sometime March '09
[Around my birthday!]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back when everything was simple...

What is it about teen relationships that are so complicated??
The teenage [love] life.
Its so effin' confusin..
Like, when your in a relationship: Other girls/guys come out the woodwork tryna talk to you, badd[meaning good.lls] girls/guys be tryna talk. not to mention at least one of ur ex's still like you. PLUS u got beautiful/handsome female/male friends u cant help being attracted to. But you have a gf/bf, you attract other females/males. they have bf's/gf's, they're not exactly suure they wanna talk to you, && its a huge ball of confusion.
You try to plan out how u want relationships to work: that never/rarely happens. u think u kno who u like, kno who u wanna be with. thats not [always] the case. incidents pop up outta nowhere, relationships you think last forever end off of fluke ishh. it goes on && on.
You know what i miss? childhood.

-back in my day

Everything was so..SIMPLE!
Back when we used to say "girls..WHAT!? eww..!!" [or boys, in a female's case. unless you were gay.]
Back in elementary school it was all gravy. you kno, i had a gf in 2nd grade. her name was Tori. && everything was soo simple then. cuz i was like "Hey, you wanna be my gf?"
Tori: "ok"
Me: "cool!"
End of story. i don't think we hardly everrr talked againn...
but she was my gf!!

Ahh..those good ole days..those simple, good ole days..

New Years, 2009

08 left in a hell of a way for me && my gang. We partied, we had fun, && took plenty pictures.
here's a few.

me schoolin dese cats in pool lol ---->

<----- Me [&& my brova Sean] killin em on the spades table

My brova's Daniel, Sean, && Me ---->

<---- My nigga Bryce, crazy as hell lol

The Fellas ---->

<---- The Ladies

My brova Daynin[be4 he got drunk out his mind] --->

All in All we had a good time, && we brought the year of 2009 in right! Love all you peoples